random but regular "Connection with server lost"

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Hi I seem to be experiencing a great deal of failed connections during game play, can be anytime during a race. Something I experienced only occaisionally with 1.0. Nothing has changed except the install of the new client. The client occaisionally reboots my PC too! Though a little more often than 1.0

Other than those niggles, for which I suspect my system is partly to blame; XP SP2 installed 3 years ago, I do house keep, even so it is full of *#!'*% ..

However, I can play SA without the client for hours without a problem just the same.

What ever niggles there may be I have to say; Nice work this is a really cool mod for SA, Thank you.

Now if we can only teach those racing some road manners and etiquette :wink:

respect to the mta team


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