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[News] MTA:SA R1.1 has been released! (16/03/2006) by IJs

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After our R1.1 dedicated server releases yesterday, it's time for our final MTA:SA R1.1 client release!

Quite some work has been spent into this new major R1.1 release the last few months after our initial R1.0 version. As you may have read on the blog we have changed several things, fixed some bugs and added a bunch of features to this new MTA:SA release.

We've made a short list of R1.1 changes:

- New mappack

- New map nomination voting system

- Respawning during map

- Map timelimit added in map files and server config

- New player animation sync

- Admins can PM players from remote admin

- The 255 map limit has been fixed

- Fixed various admin stability issues

And that's just a few of the changes we've made.

MTA:SA R1.1 will be exclusively released on IGN Entertainment's, the first 24 hours after the initial release. This means you can download the fresh new release from right away.

Get me the download!

Head over to the MTA:SA R1.1 download page on!

And for any general (MTA related) talk, be sure to join our #mta IRC channel on to chat with other people or developers in the MTA community.

EDIT: Additional info!

One of our users, ′rats′, has helped locate the problem causing nothing to happen after the splash screen.

To fix this issue: download the file and put the Client.dll in your mods/race folder.

You do not need to download this file unless you are having this problem - nothing else is changed.

Sorry for the trouble this has caused a few people.

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well done, im going to enjoy this. :D

thank you so much, everyone really appriciates the work you put into this.

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Haha you have to pay for it? Goodbye 99% of MTA fans (including me).

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thanks for pointing that out

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then tell us (you know, the 99%) how to download it without paying...


Hmm OK, I've discovered I can log in with my IGN account... but OMFG 1 hour waiting time :\

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register for an account ( its free )

when you go to download scroll to the bottom there are 2 lists of servers, the first list is for paying people, the second list is free.


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hey, i'm new to this forum.. and actually i'm an admin at I created an account to let you guys know that VGPRO has posted a mirror of the MTA mod for download.

You dont' have to create an account to download from our site. We love this mod and want to support the community. I don't mean to post this message as spam.. cus it's not. Just letting you guys know that we're supporting MTA with this mirror. Also, I tried emailing the developers of MTA, but I couldn't find an email addres :(

Thanks for the great mod!

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