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[SELL] Clothes System

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I want to offer my Clothes System for sale that works with every game mode and could be a perfect script for any kind of server.

Tutorial Video


Basic Informations

  • 110 individual models
  • Easy to install and to add more objects
  • Saving and load with JSON and MySQL
  • Possibility for Microtransaktion (Premium Point implemented)
  • Independent from skins
  • Individual Sound Effects
  • Optimized system
  • It works fine with every game mode



For more information you can contact me there:

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  • 2 weeks later...
6 hours ago, UndR said:

they gave you permission tho to sell it? since it was made for seeMTA

why he need permission to sell it, if he write this res? 😄

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I would appreciate that any further concerns are brought up with forum staff, so that they can investigate and give a clear response on the issue.

From what I can see there isn't any reason for us to comment here, but if anyone has reasonable suspicion (in general, not for this thread specifically) please use the forum flag tool to bring staff attention. Appreciated!

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On 23/07/2020 at 14:22, UndR said:

they gave you permission tho to sell it? since it was made for seeMTA

I don't think that I would have to get any permission for that. It's 100% my work, a system that I recreated from another server. It's something like an iPhone dummy. :)

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