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SetVehicleHandling Remote Control Problem

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-- Client example

veh = getElementData(localPlayer, "vehicle")
	if isElement(veh) then
		triggerServerEvent ( "vehUpgrade", resourceRoot, veh, "suspensionFrontRearBias", 0.2 )

-- Server Example

function vehUpgrade ( vehicle, property, value ) 
	setVehicleHandling( vehicle, property, value )
addEvent( "vehUpgrade", true )
addEventHandler( "vehUpgrade", resourceRoot, vehUpgrade ) 

This command works when I am in the vehicle, but this command does not work if nobody is in the vehicle. I Want to make this setting remotely, How Can i Fix that

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Maybe you set the element data "vehicle" when someone enter the vehicle only and remove it when he gets out of it so the " data = nil " and keep in mind that if you reconnected, the data would be removed auto unless you saved it. 

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