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MTA Remote Admin Qustion, Please Help!



Ok, What is the MTA Remote admin for? When i got to configure my server

it says this

# AdminPass

# Required: Yes (if AdminServer is enabled)

# Purpose: Defines the Remote Admin password

# Format - AdminPass

AdminPass myadminpassword

does MTA Remote Admin have anything to do with this? or do i just put in myadminpassword?

Imconfused about the whole thing...

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Yes, the MTA Remote Admin.exe has a entry box which requires the same password used in the config to connect successfully for that server.

Change myadminpassword to whatever you like (and its best for public servers), then run the server again and it should have taken affect.

Once connected with that tool, you should see the chat from within the game, and also a listing of players with other controls.

Theres a good documentation for it all


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It's for administrating a server on a remote machine, so if you have access to the server you don't need it.

*While runnings scripts with ingame admin .. Else you'll have to use remote admin..

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