cl25 error code.

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I've got an error code "cl25" after downloaded MTA. I have the GTA from Steam, I tried to reinstall it. I tried to reset my computer, I don't know what to do.


Thanks for help.

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Remove these files from GTA San Andreas folder:
 - 3da_extra9.dll
 - d3df.dll
 - d3dg.dll
 - ForceDLL.dll
 - opengl32.dll
and try again.

Also, does single player work for you?

22 hours ago, Nickname said:

I have the GTA from Steam

Your version of the game is something completely different from the Steam version. 👀
So if you have a licensed version, it's better to install it, instead of using some sort of repack.

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Thank you! Now it's working!

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