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Hello guys, I don't know if it's the right place to post it, but I'm having a problem, I work on a server as dev, and another dev added a script to the server, but now he left us and told us to remove that because he've created this, if not he'll report us. I would like to know what can happen if i don't remove it, because if we have it, it's because he gave us, why should we remove it now?

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This isn't the right place, but i can give you an advice.

If he has gave you the script and he actually didn't make any condition, you have to save your script.
You didn't forcing him for give it to you.
"That is my personaly opinion"

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Well, I play since the beginning of said server, and we are just in bad luck to have someone as lazy as him as our developer now. I mean he actually does something here and then, but this question is the perfect example for my words: he is just too damn lazy to remove the script or he even doesn't know how and would rather keep it instead of actually doing some research. Also, the person who made the object of interest is a rather famous modeler, not on our server/forum only, his work should be removed if they decided to get rid off him and not play Kindergarten right now. 


All I can say is I do hope he reports you if you don't decide to remove it, period. 

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When you work for a company, everything you do at work while being employed belongs to the company. Just because you quit the company, you cannot tell them to remove everything you created.

This is pretty much the case here. Imagine some former MTA dev decides he doesn't want MTA to use his parts of the code anymore. Its not his code, it belongs to MTA. Best case for him, he may also use it for his own projects. But he can certainly not make people stop using it after he gave it to them.

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It depends on the copyright law of the countries you (especially the author) live in.

In case of the EU, it's actually the other way round: The author of the script always remains the author, even in a company. It's only possible to share exclusive usage rights. That's what's written in your employment contract or for open-source projects enforced by CLAs.

So, if you want to use it, the author has to explictly grant you the permissions to do so. Otherwise, you have to remove it or you can be sued in court.

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