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Loop the Loop mkII (with pics)

Guest LagKing II

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Here is a track Ive been working on since yesterday, I did have a mk1 version with just the loop but it needed more so I made it into a kind of rollercoaster track, you start off in an infernus for the loop, switch to a sandking for the crazy corners, into a monster for clowns pocket rooftop and back into infernus for a drag down the LV strip, hope you like it.







And yes, it takes ages to get the pieces right. :D

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Lol, I didn't know there was a limit, the map seems to play fine without any problems of preloading geometry, so I think im ok with the amount of roads Ive used, but thanks for the info.

(Yea, my computer should play MTA perfectly (like 1player) but it seems to freeze all the time for upto a second some times!, which makes me ssssllllloooowwwww :lol: )

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I didn't know there was a limit

If you look at this topic, it saids that you can't have any more objects then 250 per 600x600 square units. It was crappy for me when I did dinghy falls. Anyway, I hope you don't encounter the object limit or your map will have to finnish half way through.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the positive feedback guys :wink: , I have looked for curved roads and none of them seem to be usable, they would be fine for just a loop but no good for bends that bank and drop/climb.

There is a single straight road with a small incline that I used at first, it is a good piece but like I said only good for loops.

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I played it...it's extraordinary... a bit buggy at places (it needs more safety fences one falls a lot) and theres a bend in the sandking wich if u dont approach at high speed the 1st time u get stuck..other than that its fantastic...the ending is a bit dull tho.

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