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Hi i need help with my txd file when i want to upload to the server my model pops up warning in db3, i have tried many things in txd but still no effect if anyone knows how to fix it i can send txd.


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Can you please attach the code by clicking the <> button when editing your post. 

It may also be helpful that you provide the .txd file in case there's an error with the file itself.

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For the record, what I sent in PM concluded it was an issue with the model loader, not the model itself. The model replaces correctly but has a few missing textures.

Can you please make sure that the bitmaps stored in the materials are named that of the textures stored in the TXD. As for your script, please add it here so that someone can help you correct the code.

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Can you please mention the problem with the mod before I load it in. Last time it worked just fine except it was missing a few textures.

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