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Gang Headquarters Map (MTA: San Andreas) (Not maintained)


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Ok and the server wil be protect by a password

In clanwar situations, yes.

It stops other people interfering in gameplay. Uninvited guests would most likely be kicked and/or possibly banned depending on the situation.

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The name of our clan is Gentle Ginos (GG) and we would like to have (The Farm) Cult Location in Flint County, and also Blueberry Acres in Red County.

BTW we have currently 6 guys in our clan..and we will be playing this seriously and such.

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Hi, I ([MG]Puma[NL], clanleader) want to register a clanbase...

the base is the building where you must kill some Russian Mafia for Tenpenny...

here a screen of the building's place on the map:


more info about [MG] can be found on http://www.mgclan.shiftbase.com .

our clan is set up on 14-04-2006, so that's long enough...

our memberlist:



















Leader: [MG]Puma[NL]

Co-Leaders: [MG]Toy[NL]



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I'll be representing the -=AFA=- clan on this one. We decided we wanted Angel Pine. Its the small town next to Mount Chiliad. If we are limited a space we want it closest to the house interior. Thanks!

-=AFA=- rockstarrem

-=AFA=- brandon6199

-=AFA=- TehScribble

-=AFA=- SkillesPunk

More to come

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Umm, so only clan leaders can post headquaters on this map? Tell me wuick because i dont want somebody to take my places for SGB.

EDIT - forgot to add (which people know some of this)

SGB (Stoners/Smokers Gang Bang) has been around while ( a couple years) and have played in MTAVC.

SGB has 22 members ( around 15 active members).



























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That will be kindof hard to get him in herer but i will try, thankz BrophY, and i didnt want to type it all out about the members, so i CRTL + C'd and V'd that whole list.

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[sF] would like the roof and the rocks nearby the building next to the pirateship in Las Venturas.

Edit: Lol, why can't I add a picture of it.. well I guess you know which place I mean...

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so eventualy all space will be taken up by Hq's or do you plan to leave open space and does that mean a none gang member cant go say to the cults farm withowt a password or is that only needed for a take over situation

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  • MTA Team

This bases are being set only for clanwars, every player can enter them whenever he wants.. And btw mta does not support some area protection, so only special people can enter it, or something like that..

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so what, can u even deathmatch yet, because it sounds kind of stupid to play online racing and stuff like that ina grand theft auto game.

This isnt the first time we've heard someone say that around this forum before. I dont even understand why your posting in this specific thread about something like that because theres no reason for it. You do know that they are developing a deathmatch version also, right.

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