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[REL] pDownloader (better looking progress bar)

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version 1.1


Better looking progress bar and players can play while downloading files.

Video: https://streamable.com/bedf40

How to use
If you want to enable pDownloader for a resource. (for example for the vehiclemodels)
1) Open vehiclemodels/meta.xml.
2) Add <pDownloader>true</pDownloader> tag to enable it.
3) Disable downloading for every file, which you want to download with pDownloader, instead of the default one.

Example: (vehiclemodels/meta.xml)

    <pDownloader>true</pDownloader> <!-- STEP 2 - enable pDownloader -->
    <script src="client.Lua" type="client" />
    <!-- STEP 3 - disable downloading with  download="false"  attribute -->
    <file src="files/infernus.txd" download="false" />
    <file src="files/infernus.dff" download="false" />


(IMPORTANT) You can load models just after when every file was downloaded. (when pOnDownloadComplete called)
Example: (vehiclemodels/client.Lua)
Note: use resouceRoot for event's source

addEvent("pOnDownloadComplete", true)
addEventHandler("pOnDownloadComplete", resourceRoot, function()
    local txd = engineLoadTXD("files/infernus.txd")
    engineImportTXD(txd, 411)
    local dff = engineLoadDFF("files/infernus.dff")
    engineReplaceModel(dff, 411)

Thats all, now if somebody connect to your server, selected files are downloaded by pDownloader.


How to use model-loader
You can load your models with pDownloader, so you don't need to care about it.
Just set the model ID in meta.xml, and loads automatically after download.

Example: (vehiclemodels/meta.xml)

    <pDownloader>true</pDownloader> <!-- STEP 2 - enable pDownloader -->
    <!-- script file isn't needed -->
    <!-- STEP 3 - disable downloading with  download="false"  attribute -->
    <!-- and set model ID for the model-loader with  model="ID"  attribute-->
    <file src="files/infernus.txd" download="false" model="411" />
    <file src="files/infernus.dff" download="false" model="411" />


pOnFileDownloaded (client)
Called when: file downloaded successfully.
Event's source is: root element of the resource that downloaded file.
    - path:  File's path.

pOnDownloadComplete (client)
Called when: every file downloaded successfully inside a resource.
Event's source is: root element of the resource that downloaded file.

pOnDownloadFailed (server)
Called when: file download failed and player get kicked.
Event's source is: player who can't download the file.
    - path: File's path.

Download Priority
You can set the priority in meta.xml by replace true to a number.
Resources with higher priority are downloaded before others.
Note: default priority is 1 (when value is just `true`)


⬇️ Download from Community
Please rate the resource on community.

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Can I only disable default download and not use your event handlers? I just want to use the nice looking download bar for all of my server's resources but i can't edit each script to include the custom events in it - they're just too many :s

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On 02/07/2020 at 09:13, koragg said:

Also does this work for Lua files as well or only for models etc? 

No, only with <files/>. Scripts are different, and hard to load them well.


On 02/07/2020 at 08:44, koragg said:

Can I only disable default download and not use your event handlers?

No, but here is a modified version, to load files easier.
Just set model ID in meta, and its load for you.

Available in latest version.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Maruchan said:

Background download system?

Yes, something similar.

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