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[REL] Multi Selection Tool Ultimate

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I'm excited to show you my latest tool. This time it is something different than my previous tools. It is a bigger project which came to my mind over 2 years ago. I failed at first time because I had trouble with rotations (built in mta function doesn't work well so I had to use quaternions which caused problems as well). Moreover one of devs was working on new editor and he was going to add multi selection option but he cancelled the project. After 2 years I decided to finally write it and also add few additional features. Many hours spent on the tool, thousands lines of code but here is it.
I hope you like it and find it useful. Personally I think it should speed up your mapping a lot. Few features might look complicated (actually they are easy to use) so I advice watching or reading tutorial carefully.




Let's see what this tool is capable of!


  • Create groups of elements using various selection tools and element filters
    a. edit their position and rotation around all axes
    b. change their properties - all popular element types are supported
    c. clone / delete options
    d. large group support enables you to move / edit whole parts or even maps
  • Duplicate 2 groups
  • Change pivot position
  • Add groups to library
    a. browser with search and sort options
    b. loading big groups enables you to join many maps into 1
    c. import option which adds all MSTU groups from a given map
  • Cover groups
    a. create your own cover variations or object compositions
    b. default cover settings makes covering even faster
  • Customize tool settings on your own needs



More info and full tutorial you will find here:



Support me

If you want to support me leave feedback and also you can buy me a coffee so I won't starving. Thanks a lot!

Feel free to ask questions below or via PM/discord. I'm also opened for script requests.
I will keep updating the tool in case you find some bugs.



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Looks very nice! 👍

Btw. you have currently tagged your topic as [SHOW], you might want to consider change it to [REL] since you actually released it.

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1 hour ago, IIYAMA said:

Looks very nice! 👍

Btw. you have currently tagged your topic as [SHOW], you might want to consider change it to [REL] since you actually released it.

Thanks, yea my bad I should have named it as REL but it seems like I can't edit it now. Maybe a moderator can do it.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Version 1.1 Released:

- Added GUI themes


- Added Raytrace for 2D selection

Raytrace is a new option for 2D (rectangular) selection which selects elements only in your sight of view (skipping elements behind other elements). This option might be much more useful, just keep in mind this method uses 9 (or only 1 if crossing is disabled) characteristic points of each element and it doesn't work perfect in some cases. You can always toggle raytrace in settings (It's called "Raytrace for 2D selection", if it is selected it will be enabled as default) or using a key (which can be changed in settings as well, 'R' is default key), you can use the key no matter if this option is enabled or disabled.


- Added axes lock

This option allows you to move groups along XYZ axes. It works similar to editor axes lock but in this case you can toggle this option both in tool settings and using a key ('Q' is default key).

- Info about tool in chatbox is more clear, added command /mstu to open HUD, shared welcome_message.Lua file where you can edit / remove this message.
- Added ped different alpha when selected
- Fixed marker alpha doesn't change after group destroy
- Improved drawing bounding box for race pickups and spawnpoints


Download links have been updated.
I'm not going to release version 1.2 any soon but if you find any bug I'll add a fixed version immadiately. I will think about more updates if I get more support and interesting ideas (mirror option for example).


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