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MTA:SA Colored blimps on radar

Guest MaTriCX

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It would be a nice feature if a map-file can contain a spawnpoint with an blimp color assigned. That would make it a lot easier to find eachother in the maps when playing a cop versus robber-map for example.

I could not really find this in threads that were already submitted, only for MTA:VC.

I don't think this feature can't be too much trouble, if you have coded MTA object-oriented. So I hope it can be implemented in the 1.1 Race Patch, but a later version (Deathmatch i.e.) will also be fine.

Keep up the good work :)

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I had already seen that topic, but it's not really a suggestion for colors. Only the third post in the topic does.

This way it's more clear to the programmers, because they're not really going to read the entire topics, just the first posts. At least that's what I understood.

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Agreed, maybe I should have. Though When I read the topicstarters' message, I logically assumed he was not referring to the colors.

And to prevent cross-topic discussions I made a new one.

So instead of commenting on where I should have (because it's too late now) posted it, maybe you should stick to the matter instead of behaving like a moderator.

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