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Primarily, I’d like to start with an apology for what has happened. I regret what I did and if it’s possible I want to turn a new page. As I contributed to this game before, I’d love to have the second chance to keep contributing to this game by developing stuff, creating gamemodes and scripts to make players’ gameplay more enjoyable and easier. That is because I’m here starting my second appeal. As there are plenty of correct information going around, there are also a lot of misunderstandings. Accordingly, I want to explain what I’ve gone through and my banning process in this appeal.

Everything started with Vultaic, I was one of the leaders of Vultaic along with Divi and Dizzaster. After sometime DizzasTeR and I wanted to close Vultaic and yet Divi didn’t want to shut it, which is why we seperated our ways with Divi. We needed money at that time, so we thought of selling the scripts we made. Then we found a possible interested customer named Firestrike (StealthGamer or GreenX) and we had a negotiation. He agreed to buy our scripts with a price of 800€ (400 for me and 400 for DizzasTeR). We gave the scripts and prepared a server named Aurora (also the name of the clan). After sometime Firestrike wanted to buy the Vultaic 2.0 scripts that we were working on. Tons of times I told him that 2.0 scripts were not done, but still he wanted to buy them all. So after a 3-4 months lasting negotiaton, we agreed with a price of 1000€. We made a deal with DizzasTeR as well by giving him some part of the money. I got 800€ from Firestrike. I gave him the unfinished Vultaic 2.0 scripts, and told him the scripts will be done after some months, I don’t really have time to continue for a while, I’m going through very hard and busy school and exams period. He started to message me all the time like when will you guys begin, when will it be done, I was so busy that I didn’t have that five seconds to answer those questions, and didn’t answer some of his questions intentionally. After some time when I had time, started to work on scripts, everything I made was being found bugged or broken the day after I created them, by Firestrike. For instance I made map manager work with async loops on client-side, the day after he texts me that it’s broken. When I took a look at it, I realized that it’s broken due to his misusage. Still, I fixed it and gave it back to him again. He deleted his server for at least 2-3 times, we re-installed all the scripts again. Even though that wasn’t in our deal in the firstplace, I didn’t want to upset Firestrike so I helped him as much as I can yet I got in another very busy school life period so I realized that 2.0 scripts will not be done by time so I offered him to make Vultaic 1.0 with edits and a lot of different features. He accepted, so I begin to make it. First day, as he wanted, I edited the login panel, second day I designed and edited lobby and just then my exam period hit me and I couldn’t text him for 1-2 weeks. He reported me accusing of scamming him. Dutchman told me either return his money back or to complete scripts. So I continued making scripts but he kept on asking me to do stuff. According to the agreement I just need to complete the scripts and give them to him yet I was the one also creating the server, creating the database. After sometime, it became a real burden on my shoulders, I couldn’t keep up to his requests so I stopped working on it. That is why Dutchman banned me permanently from MTA. One of the other reasons I got banned is said to be hacking into FFS Gaming. Because 2 weeks before that Firestrike incident, I logged in one FFS member’s and one normal player’s account on FFS forum. I just wanted to know if these passwords or real or am I being fooled, there is no way I wanted to hack FFS, or even getting near to that. Because of those incidents I’m banned from MTA since December 2019. On March 29th, I started my first ban appeal, yet directly after 10 minutes of starting it, Dutchman replied my appeal with “Your ban will never be revoked.”. He didn’t even let me defend myself and banned me on forum as well. He also accused me of actions that some other players took whose names are ProGear and Bootje hacked into FoXX Gaming’s mapping servers and deleted players’ maps that they created by spending a lot of time and month of efforts. There is no way I’m related to this action taken against FoXX. Dutchman, decrypted the codes of the scripts and also deleted some backdoors which I created in case of scripts getting stolen. Even though plenty of people in MTA does that, it’s an illegal move which I didn’t know about to be honest. He gave Vultaic scripts to Firestrike as fully decrypted. My only purpose was to make these scripts have value, otherwise my codes that I coded myself would be everywhere which is like that now thanks to Firestrike, he scattered all of the scripts. In conclusion Vultaic scripts have no value right now. I think this is wrong but I stopped scrutinizing it. Also I sent a message with an intention to apologize to -ffs-Sniper who is the owner of FFS Gaming but he didn’t reply, maybe ignored or he just didn’t see it but yes he didn’t answer me. I assume I did everything I could by myself. As I stated in the first place, I admit the fact that what I did was wrong. I’m apologizing to everyone to whom I did bad things. I tried to explain everything with every unknown details. I hope you do what is necessary, I do not want to cause harm or damage to this game. Thanks for reading.


(I am so sorry for creating a 3rd account but both of my remaining accounts are banned therefore I had to create this one.)

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Even though you misrepresented (and lied about) a lot of things in this appeal, I won't waste more time arguing with you as we've been through this process, during which the true situation surrounding the things you misrepresented became obvious, and also that you kept trying to twist it. That is to say, we've been there, and just because you're now writing another essay doesn't mean that our decision will change.

It will not. You're not welcome on MTA, and you have to start accepting that we rejected your ban appeal and told you that the original ban was extended for further illegal activities on MTA. The combination of all of your activities make it clear that you're a really malicious person, and also we won't buy your lies about FFS clan member account (+ a few other player accounts) hacking. We know for a fact, that you didn't only test the access, nor did you do that yourself (you sent an Austrian hacker to do it, one that MTA happens to know really well). Even worse, you misused stored credentials for said FFS clan member account from your old Vultaic server database (he used the same password), it's really not "just testing what you found somewhere".

This is actually a recent attempt from the aforementioned guy that you hired for the intrusion, to apologize to the victim (FFS):


For the scamming part, in private messages we carefully established why (and which of) your and DizzasteR's actions were considered financially scamming, and explained the reasons MTA would want to put a halt to this, as there were exceptional circumstances during which you spotted a weakness in a person and decided to take advantage of it. We also clarified why we assisted said person to get what he paid for (the contents of your backdoored files) as he had the full ownership rights to it since the sale was for full source code and not providing this for everything means you scammed him in yet another way. We also don't believe the purpose of backdoors.

We really got a lot of illegal activity on MTA from you like I said;

- Hacking activities (against FFS)

- Misuse of DB from your server to compromise account in the hacking offense (your plain-text account storing was probably intended, with future malicious use in mind)

- The huge scam with particular reasons for MTA to put consequences to it

- Selling gamemodes with backdoors (commands to grant admin access, etcetera) - I really don't believe "its just in case", even if it was, then intruding any server that would use said gamemode using your backdoors would still be a malicious act in itself. You didn't even disclose the existence of backdoors to the buyer(s), nor did you say anything about it when they asked why there's some compiled files despite your promise to provide full source when sold.


Anyways, I ask you to accept that your ban appeal is denied, and that you will never be able to get unbanned. I know more about the type of person you are and the extent of your illegal actions that target MTA users and communities than you think I do.

Ban appeal denied. Please do not return. From now on, there will be banning on sight.

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