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Better integration.


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We know MTA is keen on seamless integration with the gta games, no seperate client, no single player files altered or damaged.

I suggest the installer places the multitheftauto group inside the rockstar/san andreas/ folder in the start menu (or at least places a copy of the launch shortcut here). This should be pretty easy to do and brings MTA one step closer to being integrated, after all most other games have the 'start single player' and 'start multiplayer' shortcuts next to each other in the start menu.

[ Alternatively players could simply start 'San Andreas' and then choose wether to play solo or online via the internal menus, also a common method in most games that feature both solo and multiplayer modes. This involves a hell of a lot more work than a simple path change though and I'd not expect to see that much integration any time soon, if at all. :) ]

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Im not quite sure if thats legal to be honest.... besides nothing is stopping that person from placing such a shortcut there manually.

even if it were legal.. its not really considered ethical practice to cross borders of other people's groups in the start menu.

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i agree with Bump do it! or atleast bring the single player Options menu back to a logical place, such as under settings perhaps, going into solo to change options isn't a logical move plus gtaT has it right, you dont want to be worse than gtaT do you....Hmmm

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Sounds like a waste of time and I'd rather keep my MTA files seperate from the GTASA files.

It should take no more time than setting any other directory path. It would only be the start menu shortcuts, not the files themselves.

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