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Admin System


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Over the weekend i worked on this script, its a small admin system. Ill add

some more stuff soon. Have fun!

Nickserver commands

/msg register

/msg login

Pm commands

/msg away

/msg back







!list in/out










Admin commands

!setlevel = 5

!ban = 4

!kick = 3

!ip = 3

!kill = 3

!ip = 3

!sun = 2

!cloud = 2

!rain = 2

!dawn = 2

!noon = 2

!night = 2

!midnight = 2

Download Here http://files.filefront.com/Admin_Systemmrc/;4844242;;/fileinfo.html

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of what i know can't you use /msg in SA so i think its VC
yes u can do the /msg but u cant do like /msg lo u need to typ /msg lolz :roll: Edited by Guest
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It sounds awsome but i cant download it. It says

This file is currently unavailable while we perform server maintenance.

can any one help me with this problem

yea :P
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