Band removal request 3 years ago without reason

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Hello. I got a 3-year ban without a reason, and there is no evidence. Someone hates me, has told me, and I wanted to remove a ban

"* Your serial number is: 6F2B93284365DBE065E8F5E9D46828E3" Please release the ban and reply as soon as possible.
E-mail attached to the ban: CC808@GMAIL.COM


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Please read https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/116414-ban-appeals-information-how-to-appeal-your-global-ban/ about bans with EMAIL as reason, and follow the proper procedure for a chance to get unbanned.

In short, it means that there was reason to believe you engaged in illegal activity on MTA during that period (2017), causing MTA team to be willing to investigate and question you. That means that it's probably far from "no evidence" like you said. You got reported for illegal activity, and you failed to send a message and therefore it remained, having never been processed. So yeah, just go and do that after all..

Note: i sent a message to the person who banned you (since I don't have much details about the case or what happened), if they want to remove it due to time passed they will. If they don't want to, then nothing will happen and the thread will stay locked.

UPDATE: you're unbanned.

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