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Maybe its because you feel version 4 must be perfect so your gonna take your time with each release?

Nah its not the name that counts. You could call it squidgydilleribo and id still enjoy it. Its the game underneath we care about not the name :wink:

Squidgydilleribo would make a great mod name...

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It doesnt matter what version that its called. Main thing to do is sort out lag and sync problems then put in xtra game modes like Deathmatch,Teams and Capture the Monkey :)

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0.3.5 is great, although it'd be even more liked by the public if you were to release 0.3.6, 0.3.7, etc for every time u fixed/implemented something... HOWEVER, this would reduce excitement & anticipation, and the fact that each release holds more than 1 surprise/improvement/etc/etc. So I say stick with just 0.3.5, then 0.4, then perhaps 0.4.5, etc etc. :)

0.3.5 is definitely needed I'd say, because nobody likes playing a laggy game (unless you're mega-weird).

Good luck with the development of 0.3.5, and hope the bugs etc don't give you too much sh*t :)

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Are there going to be synced dammage or peds or anything new synced in .3.5? Just wondering. I really would like to have real in-game chat and at least synced car dammage in .3.5 and ofcourse less lag :) . Well everyone knows those Half-Life version number things, they are really wierd like I don't care if MTA is, i care just that it works :o .

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What's the point of having patches the thing is tiny enough to download anyways.

not for people with 56, u have to be considerate, by time of final release, there will probly be bout 20 10mb versions released, and thats a long time for us 56k

(and before u say get broadband, i wish i could but noone is fucking hiring in my town)

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well make a 3.4 with JUST LAG FIXES and any errors fixed

thats the only problem i have, give us something we can play and will be happy until next release, i havnt played mta since 4 days after release cuz it rarely works due to lag issues, and when it did work, everyone was sitting still due to lag and a bus was slowly moving on its side to off a cliff and warped back on cliff,its terrrible, consider ur mass 56k enviroment, then add features

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add .3.5porn and people will like it more :)

but yeah itts a good idea you didn't name it 4 or else you'd get so much flamage :)

Yea the porn idea is good. Massacre likes it

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