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I did some basic additions yesterday at the MTA:SA Troubleshooting section.

The info wich was basicly some more detailed help to the client mismatch and the missing .dll wich i represented there as a 100% working fix, as it should be since i tried yesterday on 2 diffrent machines. So anyways, anything i added there has been removed again, and i want to know why? :?



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isn't really an addition to the wiki

Ok so, you just remove everything? lol... And by the way if you do change it whatever the noob reason is, at least edit it in a way that people dont have to wonder if its working, thats why i added it in the first place. I notice so much questions, and then the members of this board wich lack being helpfull because people are lazy cause it gets asked so much. And no semi i did not link to any ilegall files or whatever. I just noted about the missing dll wich you need for your system32 folder to be able to run MTASA. Therefore i guess removing everything is first of all very rude, and second its stupid as hell. Thanks.

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  • MTA Team

Devine, if a solution does not work it will not be posted on the wiki. The people that write most of the documentation on there are experienced and most of the information is that what is found on this forums and written by the devs themselves. There is absolutely no point in telling someone that it has been verified by you since it has been verified by so many people already.

Your second addition was a bit useless as well, you told people to check some files while the sentence in front of your edit already stated that MTA only works on a clean unmodified install.

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