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Ped Control State


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I'm trying to make something like a NPC system, while using setPedControlState and setPedAnalogControlState (Ped was inside  a vehicle) I've seen that, while the ped is inside my distance of render (setFarClipDistance) the control state works, but when the ped is outside it, he won't move.. So I used outputChatBox with getElementPosition ped when I'm far it gave the same coordination in another words the ped didn't move, isn't there a way to disable that? To make a ped drive a car even if he's not inside my distance of render?

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You can solve this with setElementStreamable.

But you should know that out of GTASA's streaming range, the collision of world object will be unloaded. This means the ped will go under ground.

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Well, if I spawn peds in a certain range from the player in a way that would be inside his distance of render things will be solved, better than using setElementStreamable. Thank you

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