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The Satchel Jumping Challenge *updated*

Guest oz-reb

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this is actually a trickjump movie + a challenge + a mod

i never thought id play sa sp again but after i "discovered" this i couldnt stop for a few hours, dl the zip, watch the movie and check the readme for info/explanation

edit: new, better mirror: http://mike.littlewhitey.net/satchel-jumping.zip

thanks to mike ;)

old, crappy mirror: http://rapidshare.de/files/14728202/sat ... g.zip.html

(scroll down, click on "Free" then follow further instructions)


edit: done with the tutorial, its 14mb big and 7 mins long:

http://rapidshare.de/files/15131277/sat ... l.zip.html

(scroll down, click on "Free" then follow further instructions)

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lol, reminds me of my super bike crazy actions. just place as much as charges on the bike untill you can't even see the bike itself anymore. then (with the button in your hand) get on the bike and hit some speed. jump off it on some buisy points and blow it up :lol:

and me and my friends allso did this with jedi academy. it was great fun. fly away with mach speed...

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OMAFUKING GOD! They/you TOTTALLY stole my [email protected][email protected]#@!5 I really thought about doing this shizzle some long months ago, but never got to doing it and forgot about it D:

Edit: I like the way that the edited weapon.dat does nothing and the custom savegames crash GTA :P

Edit2: Well I got both things working now(I blame my mindsucking headache on this one :P), but wouldn't it be easier to just grab a trainer that REGULATES your health? Like set it to always be 999999999 or something? I don't think that any explosion, no matter how big, would instantly reduce that bunch of health..

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well i tried 1 trainer but itd screw up my game and i didnt have any other cheats so i had to make savegames with tons of hp, if trainers work better for you then use one (hope you still recieve falling damage though, else its too easy)

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Just a small note: Kill off your armor before having your health up'd, cause if you let it up with the armor on, it will LOOK like you have tons of HP, but you really have tons of armor, which means that you WILL take falling damage, and that's annoying. Without the armor it really will up your HP, and then you won't have to worry about falling damage eather, as it's all in one meter.

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Am I now? Well I guess you're right, there. But it does reduce all of my HP if I fall from a big heights, I do start from the beginning point if I fall down, and I can't seem to be arsed to load a game, gain tons of HP, and then die again on my first try.

Edit: Another fun-ish thing to do is grab a parachute, get on a REAL tall building, set the explosions to make you fly real far, and jump the thing. Midway it will make the "flying with a parachute" animation, and with the up button held it just looks way too cool. Ofcourse it WILL make you splat nicely whenever you touch the ground, but man is it worth it. :lol:

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Am I now? Well I guess you're right, there. But it does reduce all of my HP if I fall from a big heights, I do start from the beginning point if I fall down, and I can't seem to be arsed to load a game, gain tons of HP, and then die again on my first try.

how about this:

load a game, gain tons of HP, save :P

ill probably post a few locations with decent difficulty later on

found any really hard spots btw? :)

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thanks for the mirror mike :)

for some reason i cant connect to irc from my schools wireless so youd have to forum pm, would be cool if you could make one, mine is killing the whole game for some reason o_O

i was thinking if it would be possible to enable remote triggering in midair/jumping, or triggering while in a car, although it isnt really needed imo

if you want a really really hard challenge, try this one:


1 more rule i have to add: when you leave the savehouse you MUST not move and you MUST throw the first satchel, from there on you make your first jump and make your way over roofs etc


-it can be accomplished in not more than 10 jumps

-im 99% sure theres only 1 way up there

-to get up there you need to make use of other platforms (=not roofs)

-use the jetpack to find out the route (and to test if stuff is solid), otherwise you will never make it

youre one crazy mother:O if you figure this one out ;D

in fact, if you make it and can prove it i will add you to my sig as in "-yourname- owns"

you got 1 week time :P

i might make another movie sometime, did some cool sessions today (including the above)

ps: try out chinatown in SF, its the best place to practice i found so far (the houseblock where your savehouse is), its a freaking training court!)

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I think I figured it out, and made it all the way but the last jump, which is pretty high up, so it might be not it :P

P.S. Yes rebel, I am doing this with impact damage not 'disabled'.

P.S.S What kind of evidance do you want when(if) I complete it? Cause fraps more or less lags my whole computer something drastic :/

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