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New netcode idea


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The new netcode idea which we're going to use in the next version of MTA will solve all network problems. It will solve the slow connection, the lag. Everything will be real-synced. The current netcode idea is uses server-relaying and constant data uploading, which will be completely replaced by the new netcode. Just to let you know, hope you like it :D

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LOL :lol:

Ugh Ive got a hang over, n that did not help, nice tho.

Yeah so whats goin to be different in the code.

Mr. Bill what is that walkin guy thing? made me crack up when I first saw it.

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well the idea with the new netcode is that ur pc sends packets of data to the server and that the server sends packets back; The old net code does the same but they use a different technique :lol:

Thanks blokker for telling me something I don't know! :?

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darn impatient people :(:evil:

P.S: Juggernaut, thank you for telling us how Mr. Bill gives you wood. we all needed to know that :P


heehee! I'm in BLASTA! (or B.L.A.S.T.A., but I'm too lazy to type that...)

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Hope it works cos on my shitty 128k Cable the lag is unbarable. Just out of curiousity (not rushing)... When will this next version be out.. ???.

/me sits back and waits for 'itll be ready when its ready' or 'done when its done'

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SoD LAN i jus hope it fixes the issue of when im playing on the net.... imagine this if you will :D...

'Im driving at full speed down the road, just about to run over another MTA player, i hit him at full speed he goes flying and im happy :D.. then oops WTF !! ?? im back where i started driving down the street again for some reason and oh that guy has moved across 10meters from where he was a minite ago and BOOM i go into the wall..... i open my eyes and i am on the hele room again.. 'choose your team' :D'

^^^ From the Book Of MTA Lag - By Wo33eR ^^^

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aww damn it juggs! (snickker) now I need to change my avatar, thanks a lot!!

Snickker... avatar ??... juggs... ?? !!!

I really am puzzled with that reply. And ur avatar is top dont change him :D

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now the avatar there is almost part of mr bill

I mean its the second best avatar around (cept for bloks (love the pacman =) and regulars can sit there for (minutes?) watching mini-mrbill go round and round =)

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