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Okay, I have had a good idea for a script and after many trials and tribulations, i present to the public of all MTA players, hosters, etc, the Army script.

It allows you to enlist, and withdraw (even tho its not even close to the real army) and for admins, you can lock it. so ppl can withdraw but not join. also, it allows for them to have exclusive rights to the Stubby Shotgun. I have ideas for the next version thats already in progress.

You can get it here.


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Theres so many things wrong with that script, i tell you few now.







Also don't use "|" in mta.say use $chr(124)

Finaly change things like this:

if ($3 == !limitations) {
 mta.msg $1 Army Enlisters have exclusive access Stubby Shotgun Use. Non Enlisted Users will be killed immediatly after the death of their victim.
if ($3 == !armystatus) { 
 mta.say $1 ||Army Script: $readini(Army.ini, Status, Script_is) ||Army Lock: $readini(Army.ini, Lock, Lock_is) ||

for example:

if ($3 == !limitations) mta.msg $1 Say something here!!!!!!
elseif ($3 == !armystatus) mta.say $1 Say Something HERE!!!!!
elseif ($3 == !armystatus) mta.say $1 Say Something HERE!!!
elseif ($3 == !armystatus) mta.say $1 Say Something HEREE!!!!!

And so on...

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yeah so what if im a noob, i learned on my own. I was handed a crappy script and like 2 seconds of teaching then i learned on my own. So if you dont appreciate my work, please keep it to yourself. Does it work or not? i do believe it does. So stop bashing my shit and lay off. Its a General Release. If i made it specifically for someone, i would have taken better care. So please, save it.

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