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Join Flood and Anti-Cheat settings

Guest Swanson

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2 quick questions that I have not been able to answer by reading the forum....

1) is it possible to modify the join flood settings? i have 3 friends that all connect from the same IP and one of them always gets denied due to MTA detecting it as a join flood.

2) is it possible to disable anti-cheat? i am finding that certain maps cause people to get kicked for this more than others (maybe due to problems with the map?) example- newstonecity.map... i am host and 3 others are playing. i start fine and can drive, but everyone else cannot and eventually get kicked for suspected cheating (i have no idea why this happens... as soon as everyone re-connects and we move to a different map, everything is fine).


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right... i seem to recall mentioning that i did do a quick search ("reading the forum"), which did not turn up the info that you stated. thank you for that.

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The anti-cheat works partially by monitoring packetloss, if too many packets are dropped between the server and a client, the anti-cheat will assume they have alt/tabbed out of game to turn on a hack or something, and kick them. Although this is probably not the case, since you're hosting the server on your home Internet connection there will most likely be packetless because of the small amount of available bandwidth.

As for the join flood, there's no way to change that.

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The anti-cheat works partially by monitoring packetloss

Not really, packetloss just creates some effects that can trigger the anticheat, lack of response for certain checks, warps, other seemingly unusual behaviour as examples.

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