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Best Multiplayer Mod?

Guest tripleplay23

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Whel i think mta is the best on this moment for a deathmatch...but u can't just play the "normal gta3 way"like stealin cars kill cops and stuuf like that (ofcourse that whil be changed in the future)

So if u wanna play that u better can play ggm mod....only it's very bugy and bad animation's......but i just play mta alote:P

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i think in a lot of ways ggm is better then mta.. it has better synchronised net support(+-0.5sec delay, mta=approx 3sec delay) in ggm weapon switch works and traffic as well, and it has a chatkey ...only thing is, dont do anything or it crashes. mta is most stable mod, but does not allow you to see other weapons, or traffic... the gta3t mod alowes you to kill people, but without cars or traffic. other guns however will kill players(unlike ggm or mta) there is no animation however.. so if the goal is to stay online for more then 5 minnutes, mta=the best, if you want more action, ggm is the way... as i told before, they should work together..


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