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For anyone who may be interested, "G4" made a clan "LVG" recently on the SA-MP forums. I told him I had founded a "LVG" far before he came along, and he basicly told me to fuck off.

What's funny is, he did the same thing to "sFg" (Founder: Chr0me)

He posted "Yeah sorry but you need to change name I have clan called sFg even though I only posted today you need to change name kbye"

This guy is a joke, and even when I was a decent, respectfull, honest guy, and showed him proof of activity, members, website, and founding before him, he told me to fuck off.


That said, I have some great news, today we recruited two more members :]!

[LVG]Matt and [LVG]Stapler (What an original name xD)

We're still having issues with the site, but I'll try and keep this post more active with news and updates untill it's back up and working full time. :x

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Their recent rant at us on the SA-MP forums has me completely unimpressed.

To be honest, I don't give a rats ass if they're a conglomerate of FMJ KFC FKU and SM, at this point I'm just utterly appauled at their lack of respect and following of decorum. I think everything they've said speaks louder than anything I've said. :|

As far as this [LVG] is concerned, regardless of member count, sever status, or whatever else they claim, they're being extremely immature, rude, offensive, and arrogant about the whole ordeal, which in the first place was their problem.

We could have been complete asses, and just said "Hey fuck off, we were here first, and we don't owe you an explanation for jack shit and we're unwilling to do anything to prove it to you, it's all there, go find it yourself.

However, even after a very respectful and honest explanation of how this LVG was created first, and has had active members throughout it's existence, and our having had a server at one point, we were met with arrogance, hostility, and complete lack of taste.

That's that. Rob out. x.x

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Hey Everyone; Time for another Update!

With SAMP .2 Coming out soon, I wanted everyone to know we'll be getting a bit more active with gangwars and stuff; I know activity has seemed lax, but there's a story behind the madness!

I've been directing people to the site a lot more, recently, drawing activity away from the forums threads. I figured the better way to get attention to LVG is do both, though.

So, I've updated our member list (Welcome Vert!) and will soon be working on re-designing our website. We're still most active on the Chillpoint RPG server / Beta .2 Servers, so you'll be able to find us there.

On an ending note: G4 is back, after what I was enjoying to be a 2-3 month period of quiet. On the SA-MP forums, he's been re-posting his LVG threads, and as before, I'm dealing with it. We have a lot more support now from the SA-MP forum admins, and I'm hoping we can get the same support from the MTA Forum Admins if needed. Hopefully, this will just blow over; Should it not, I'll try to make it as smooth a process as possible.

LVG Is looking now for 2-3 Person gangwars, in SA-MP .1 if anyone is interested; OR we can do a MTA .5 War. Open to both, look forward to talking to anyone who's interested! =)

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