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Hello. SERIAL: 9665860378DF3508E450CFCD1E3205E1

When i wake up i got a ban for 1 month by MTA team because of "Trainer", and i didn't used any cheat/trainer

It was a strange amount time i got, because when i waken up it said ~29day and 6 hours. And i was playing at 04.29 03:22, and when i got this message it was ~13:00. and i didn't think mta team bans me for  ~29day 18 hours and not 30 days. here is the proof i was playing at 3 AM, so i was 100% sure it was not mine pc

You can see the time right up.

after five times asking my older brother he did something on his pc he said yes he wanted to cheat money on the server because he was jealous of mine cars/money etc

i know your ban appeal team  doesnt like those reasons, my cat jumped on the keyboard launched cheat, my brother etc.

But i think its better to tell the truth, im a quite old player on MTA. i'm playing from version 1.0.3. ~9-10 years 



at the right bottom corner.

i can also provide my oldest serial number if my dads laptop is still can turn on.

I never got banned from mta except server bans from 6-7 years ago. I'm playing the second biggest roleplay server in hungary, more than 250 players a day, im playing since 2015, and spent more than 95000 minutes or 1600 hours on the server, here is the proof from a picture (04.13):

My best childhood game was MTA if you can see... 1 month is not a long period but the reason i writing this ban appel is: just want to  shorten my ban period if possible. If unban would be the best, but if you can reduce it to 3-4 week it would be good too. because on the server i play, every 4 weeks the not active players garage/houses will be buyable. And i dont want to lost them, i spent lot of time earning them and it would break my hearth.


Thanks for the reply/help. Army





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You can write a whole story with reasons why we should treat you differently than anyone else, but where it comes down to is that you tested a serious type of hack from cheat developers on the serial (1911E99F5174DC01E15E0AD3AE271D04) of another PC, and it got detected.

I don't believe your "brother" story, what I think is that you used the other PC to avoid risking your main PC (the ban you're appealing right now) getting banned.

But it doesn't work like that. Activities like these aren't tolerated.

Ban appeal denied, you gotta wait until it expires.

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