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ban with reason "DDOS"

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We already discussed this, you know that you cannot get unbanned but I will just confirm it now (and only once).

You were involved in DDoS practises, by leaking the IP addresses of players to DDoS attackers. In january, you were admin on servers that belong to "DicoSky" (such as Vendetta Freeroam) and during this time, said server was home to some DDoS'ers, who attack players that they don't like (or who kill them often). The server owner was unaware of these practises until the investigation started.

As an admin,  you abused your powers to grab the IP of players and sell them to the attackers, so that they could victimize them with a DDoS attack. This means that you do not belong on MTA, as you are an important cog in this scheme that puts MTA players in danger. No one should be at risk of getting DDoS'ed by server admins or their accomplices, just for picking the 'wrong' server that contains such people. So, we did something against it.

Appeal denied

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