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I run the MTA: SA and it opens GTA: SA

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Hello, can anyone tell me why when I try to open 
MTA: SA it opens GTA: SA? I already reinstalled 
the MTA and reinstalled the gta and nothing,
keep opening the gta sa instead of the mta.


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8 hours ago, Sarrum said:

Your gta_sa.exe is 14,598,119 bytes, but should be 14,383,616. Where did you get it from?
Please upload gta_sa.exe to https://virustotal.com/ and send the link here.

Hi brother, I think I downloaded a patch of gta_sa.exe but could you please indicate the link to download the other version? 

PD: Here is the link of my gta_sa.exe https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/801e8655aabae43b12c41c96a5410a1bdf6aff48e6410b5f042f35482ff51807/detection

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Your PC is infected with a virus or malware.

> AV health: poor (2) [Dis0:360 Total Security[50000]]
Why you disable your antivirus?

1) Run a full antivirus scan, and also a scan with another antimalware scanner, such as Malwarebytes.
2) Quarantine and delete everything it finds.
3) Reinstall GTA: SA with a clean unmodded version.
4) Reinstall MTA from mtasa.com

@yorvit lopez

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