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almost won


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Ha, unlucky for yourself it seems. However its obviously a really close race, only being defeated by such a small mini second ;D

It was no second, it was only a 1/100 of a second. Oh I see, i have also taken part in this race. ;-)

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hmmm.. I was even closer to win on MX_Sky.. BRB I'll search the screenie..

EDIT: this one was close, I almost lost it! :P


EDIT2: here it is!


I have no idea why the game chose Toad as a winner.. maybe because he has a nicer name than me.. xD

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Your ping affects the time you finish. If you had a slightly better ping, you would of one. The ping does a lot when the times are this close.

Toad shouldn't of won that, his ping is better, increasing his chances of winning at the finish line. Maybe you finished 0.001 second later than him :)

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