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I suffer from a difficult problem in my server,
 which is that players cannot enter the server after what comes 
in contact with the server, he gets disconnected,
 knowing that this problem appeared today only in most famous servers,
 my server is protected from DOS, but for the first time in the game
 this problem occurs when it attacks Hacking on the server,
 which includes 200 ordinary players, for example,
 does not affect the players inside, but if he leaves the server
 and enters, he will not be able to enter!
 As well as others please help many servers exposed to these attacks


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May be problem in your server were it brought ,or vps you brought some vps have problems in hosting mta sa server I also had same problem players enter first time in server properly but after 5 min later they not able to enter again at same server I Even contact my vps provider they didn't help me because Eben they don't know the proper reason regarding this so I changed the vps also 

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update ask your vps provider to change  the DDoS protection configuration for your server or vps  which will resolve the problem.

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