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death match map editor


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I have a little idea about death match (I mean dm with guns, not a car death match)

a death match map editor with these options:

1: spawnning system like in race mod: one player/spawnpoint but with a priority spawnpoint (ex: if there are only 3 players, they will spawn in spawnpoint #1, spawnpoint #2 and spawnpoint #3)

2: a cible system (ex: i have selected spawnpoint #10, if i push F3, i can select the player's target; that can be an another player, a suitase, a checkpoint, a car etc... and the target have a different color than players on the map)

3: a restarting system (ex: i have selected spawnpoint #2, if I push F3, i can choose the option "restart the map if the player die")

4: a minimal number of players required (ex: if i have selected 3 players min. in the map setting, the map can't start if there are not 3 players minimum)

5: possibility to enable or desable drive by's in map settings

6: possiblity to set a message when a player is spawnning (ex: i have selected spawnpoint#7, if i push F3, I can select the message options and write a message to the player. When the player will spawn, he will have a message like "you the suspect, go away", "kill the bastard", "welcome to the gungle" "protect the bitch" or something else)

7: possibility to set the player's color on the map

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