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Hi! Can someone tell me how can i make this : A red marker and when you are entering you will get a panel. You choose your vehicle by account level. It will be a list of vehicles. Let's say infernus. You need level 1 to spawn it. To spawn it you need to press the button "Spawn". How can i do this ?

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Hello, there is few things to do. Try to do it step by step, first try to make a red marker at the location you want with createMarker

Then try to create an event attached to it with : onPlayerMarkerHit

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37 minutes ago, iRackk said:

Ok, i did it, now what i must to use ? I want :Just click on the car and get a OutPutChatBox: You don't have necessary level to use this car ! 

Have you any level-system yet?

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You can start working on showing a guiwindow using triggerClientEvent, add a grid and then add vehicles to the grid.






Then you can make it work with your lvl system if you have one

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