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LAN problem identified.

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I belive the reasons lans games dont work is because of the IP's

Its that simple.

When a computer is on the network it has a ip of 192.168.0.X

And that x is diffrent for each computer.

But for some reason the when ANY computer trys to connect to a network dedicated server. It says "Another player with the same ip tryed to join"

And that screws the game up so you cant see the other player.

Maybre it was just a mistake in the programming or it might be a bigger problem. But am sure there is a solution (I just dont know it)

If any one has some exprince in IPs and Ports and stuff we could really use your help.

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"Another player with the same ip tried to join."

I don't believe that is the problem. I have my network so that I run the dedicated server from here and forward the ports to this computer, the result; when I join I get that msg, when others from the net join it loops that msg about 20 times but still works. The game runs fine. Now all of those people that are joining from the net, to the game appear to be all on the same computer. (The one forwarding the ports.)

Also I have run it so that another pc on the network runs the ded and the ports are forwarded to it, I join and then others from the net join. Now as far as I know that also simulates two people connecting to a ded on the same lan. (Me and the ones of the forwarding pc.)

So I _think_ that rules that out.


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Yes.. i have the same problem...

Im running a NAT over a 25 computer Network all live on the internet.

All client computers have their IP dynamicly pushed to the machines but the servers have a static IP address

when a client connects to the server comes up with this error

"Another player with the same ip tried to join."

Although it looks like all is working correctly with the client side, they are just not synced and the players dont seem to be where they really are on the map.. and im not talking about the top of the building.

If the clients connect to a server on the internet, it's fine.. no problems, just internally....

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the reason that message is popping up on the dedicated server has nothing to do w/ teh LAN

it was a quick fix to get the game to release on time..

before players had trouble joining a game in progress. because packets were being dropped.... we were rushed for release, so we just sent a bunch of game requests in a row... it fixed the problem, temporarily... 0.3.5 will have that fixed....


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I get some glitching while playing MTA off the same b0x as the server is running off of, the other players see me glitch, as all others are fine, for the time being, I'm just hosting a ded server on another b0x for lan, and I would rather do that anyways :)

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