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Removing any world object


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This quickguide covers how you can remove objects like night lights and wires.


SAMP editor method

To install SAMP editor, simply drag and drop the packaged contents into your GTA SA installation. Run the application.


Code for removing object in video

removeWorldModel ( 16745, 1, 392.9141, 1511.5625, 21.5859 )

^This is for the script.Lua file

	<script src="script.Lua" type="server" />

^This is for the meta.xml file


For those who want to load it into a .map file, the below code can be edited with your coordinates, ID and radius.

<removeWorldObject id="removeWorldObject (objectname) (1)" radius="100" interior="0" model="9934" posX="-1724" posY="765" posZ="24" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"></removeWorldObject>

^This is for the .map file if you rather use map editor format



Note: SAMP editor doesn't want to run if MTA (gta exe) is already running. Therefore you'll want to add SAMP editor into a separate gta sa installation. I use 3 (1 for playing, 1 for samp editor, 1 as clean backup) on my PC. This requires 12gb disk space. This lets you boot up MTA and SAMP editor without conflicting issues.


Prineside method

Prineside is a site containing IPL and IDE information about objects, it also serves a GTA map with position pinpoint functionality, allowing you to get the object ID easily by clicking a spot in the map.

Use Prineside's Model search by location to pinpoint the location closest to the object of interest. This generates a list of objects within 500 meters from the pin, closest to farthest. Clicking an object page gets you its object name and ID. At the bottom of an object page you can get the position export.

Repeat the steps from SAMP editor method for adding the coordinates to the code.

Transcluent/transparent objects like shadows, telewires and small flowers may not have any clear thumbnail, in which case it's actually easier to spot them as they're the ones with an empty thumbnail.



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