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The Whole Game N Nothing But The Game

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Ok, Im a new member here as you can see and i have only just found out that there is a GTA3 online mod(s) out... As soon as i found out the news i downloaded GTA3 from off the net (again) and installed it then got ur mod and put that on. I had to patch it to Direct9 like usual (Dam XP) and now i am ready to play....

I have been playing pretty much all morning and it is ok but not what i was expecting... The pictures on the site show peds N other cars all ova the place (False advertising :D). The game is a bit of a bitch to connect to but when ur on a good server its ok.

I have been having a few problem already:

#1. Players stood still not moving.... i can just run them over till they die and they jus lay there dead (im guessing they are lagged out because i am not due to there being 1or2 of 8 players moving).

#2. The men on the building but iv read a bit on this N it dont make any diffrence anyhow.

#3. Amazing amounts of lag... I drive right into another players car... i hit him then /// i lag out.. i missed his car by miles N i drive right into a wall that wasnt there a minite ago :S.

#4. The IN-GAME CHAT !!!, You really do need to sort that out pretty fast because thats a very important feature.. wots the point of GTA3 online if u cant taunt N talk to the person u jus destroyed with a bus.

... Thats about it i have wrote a bit :D ill let sum1 reply and then we can get talking.. Also can somebody re-assure me that these problems will be fixed in the next update OR help me fix them. :D

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Also while i am at it... Can someone also answer these not as important questions :

#1. Is there a current popular teamspeak server online that i can join N if so what is the IP ???.

#2. Anyone who wants to do a teamspeak room with me or just have sum1 to play with e-mail me or add me to MSN.

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im editing your post cause it mentioned that you needed the exe file. Get it off your cd, otherwise you must have a warez ver.

Nothing releated to teamspeak being used in-game. Get roger-wilco or something like that.

If no-one is moving or reacting, disconnect and quickly reconnect

As for lag, its in beta, netcode isnt that stable.

Ingame chat will be worked on, but its fine for now

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Wow man i give u the medal for chatting the most Bull Shit in one reply ever :lol: ... Yes i have the warez version of GTA3 on my PC.. i aint buying the PS2 AND PC version thats jus wrong...

#2. Teamspeak is being mention all over these forums so 'Nothing releated to teamspeak being used in-game. Get roger-wilco or something like that' ... What ??. Teamspeak is like roger wilco.

#3. The lag i will let u off with :D

#4. ... 'Ingame chat will be worked on, but its fine for now'.. Err its anything but fine, ask anyone here they must all agree. I have had people who cant get the game working using the out-game chat for help N by the time i noticed it N replied... there gone, Also people cant comunicate with doing alt+tab, most people cant N wont do that. Iv heard that another mod has in-game chat N tbh ill test that one wen i get a working .exe :D.

To be honest on the whole well done with the mod, Its a great idea and a great mod so far, im sorry if i seem like im bitching but it IS a beta and therefore u NEED !! people to test it and tell u the problems and the truth, u shud be thanking me :D.

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Hmm i spotted a new problem, the two men on the roof wen u pick teams .. i kept hitting the diablo from behind till eventually he went foward N foward thro the blue portal to the edge of the building and i hit him off :D.. Wen i joined the game after that every car i got in i wud jus drive a LITTLe way and i would just end up on the roof then dead in seconds.. ?? i dont know if me killing the diablo has anything to do with this but it woudnt stop

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:S I tried to do it again for revenge and i found out that they actually do die if you kill them with a sertain method.... shooting them with a million bullets wont do a thing neather will kickin ten loads of shit out of them... i know the way.. I AM THE ONE


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i would just like to respond to what he said earlier about the false advertising. they had said plenty of times that MTA.3 was NOT gonna have peds or cars. people were rushing them so they didnt get the time to put it in( not that i mind. getting around the city and finding someone is so much easier now.) you can find so much out when ya read. god I love bein literate :P

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I kno i kno that, i did read it had no peds but still my little heart hoped that it wud have... i looked at the pictures a million times N i saw peds... How the hell do u explain that.. ??. How can them pics be of MTA if there are peds in them ??. Are they jus SP shots ??

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as i'm scraping someones guts off my cheetah

Err is there even a cheatah in the game and if yes.. where ??!. Plus i doubt they will eva get peds and cars in tbh, its jus 2 much work for 1 server to handle, imagine the lag

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Thats the best car in MTA tbh, drive as fast as u can towards a person stood in the road or anywhere tbh and just before contact get out of the car... you will jump into the air and the car fires on its own into the person, its top to do N watch :D

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