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[OFFERING] Scripter, 3ds Max modeler in MTA:SA

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Moderator note: he stopped providing his services, topic locked


The above conclusion is based on: He lost interest working in MTA.. interaction with a particular customer:


I've got plenty of experience in scripting and 3ds max modeling, I'm looking for a paid part time job, due to coronavirus I can't work in my real part time job (I'm spanish) so I would be looking for a paid job as: scripter, 3ds max modeler/mapper...

My discord: ManeXi#9530

Payments only via PayPal

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On 15/04/2020 at 10:53, Noki said:

I can vouch for @Flower ☠ Power. He is very skilled at what he does. The common "open interiors" mod that makes its rounds around MTA was made by him from memory. Highly recommend working with him.

Wow, thanks Noki, I thought u left MTA long ago, I did not expect you would even remember me buddy...

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