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Our server crashes suddenly in the number of +300 players.

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On our server, which has more than 350 players, the server side of the game is suddenly disconnected.

Sometimes in the number of 200 players, sometimes in 250, sometimes in 300


When this problem is experienced;
- The console does not freeze.
- The number of players on the console is variable and the upper left line turns.
- It works when I write from the console, it works when the script restarts.
- Players' pings are freezing in TAB.
- Players can move in the game.
- * NETWORK TROUBLE * does not appear on the screen.
- No server-side command is running.
- If it stays this way for a very long time, 5-10 minutes; it then says * NETWORK TROUBLE * on the screen.


The moment of the problem:

At the time of the problem, I realized that Raknet reached 100%.
I don't know if the problem has anything to do with it.





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36 minutes ago, PedroLanges said:

We detected and fixed our problem.

We all know that this is a result of something being unoptimized in your server, but please tell us what it was so that other scripters can see a practical example of script abuse that results in high RakNet thread usage like this. Especially the interested ones that have been following conversations on the MTA Discord in which we tried to help you troubleshoot.

Also, please mention how you fixed the problem or how you optimized it.

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