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placing not listed objects


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Did exactly what you described, Ransom, but couldn't click or select the 'Xtreme Pro-Laps' object. These things are possibly allready in standard SA map.

Were the object ID's given to the objects by MTA devellopers?

Or do they have an ID assigned by Rockstar?

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Yes the ids used in mta are the ids the objects have in the original files. I didnt think about it being there naturally (doh). Well, theres a small chance you just cant select it as some objects are like that. I'm pretty certain thats normally there, though.

If its not in the signs, billboards, etc. (maybe scaffolding), then maybe you could try one of aerons ipl>map conversions, thus there would be placed objects over every single natural model. It may require some work to get around the editor limits though.

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id of prolabs banner: 3281 :)

and i think you can do it,

you can also download the map2ipl, and place the all.models in "....\MTA San Andreas\mods\map_editor\objects\", if you place an object, and choose browse, you'll see 'all', choose it, and there will be an list of all 14258 objects you can place, the prolabs sign is number 2512 (if im right)

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Is it possible to place objects, by Object ID, eventhough they are not listed?

Yes, just like you can make new vehicle categorys by editing or creating new ".vehicles" list file in:


(i made new "Custom cars" category for my reskinned ect. modifided cars..)


Map objects can be found from:



"16771 des_savhangr [16771]"
 ID     DFF Name     ID

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