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I want to save the player wanted level, but it doesn't work.can someone help me ? thanks.

function onQuit() 
    local acc = getPlayerAccount(source) 
    if not isGuestAccount(acc) then 
        local wantedLevel = getPlayerWantedLevel (source) 
        setAccountData(acc, "wlevel", wantedLevel) 
addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), onQuit) 
function onLogin(_, acc) 
    local acc = getPlayerAccount(source)
    local wantedLevel = getAccountData(acc, "wlevel") 
    setTimer (setPlayerWantedLevel,500,1,acc,wantedLevel)	
addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), onLogin)


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Easy mistake. You're applying the wanted level to the wrong element (to the account instead of the player)

Line 13 should be

setTimer (setPlayerWantedLevel,500,1,source,wantedLevel)


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