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[Roleplay] Sunrise Gaming [English]

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Los Santos Roleplay


What is Sunrise Gaming?

Sunrise Gaming is a very new community founded at the start of March. Our discord server went public on the 17th of March, 2020. We are a community who are currently setting up a Multi Theft Auto (Medium) Roleplay server. Although we'd like to start afresh with new scripts and such, we don't have the resources or the time to and do not really see the benefit of recreating an entire game mode from scratch when there are already amazing opensource resources out there for us to use as the core of our server.

We currently have three figures who manage the community and steer it in the right direction. These people do all the behind the scenes work which allow the community to stay afloat and ensure that the community keeps it core values. This includes;

AdamZZ. The Community Founder, does all the work keeping the community running and organised,  anything from paperwork, payments or simply scouting for talent which may be beneficial to the community.

Mo7. Lead Administrator. Mo focuses mainly on how the community looks. Graphics designs (Our logos and everything alike), making sure that we look formal & presentable in any situation. He also helps out with the development of the server from time to time to ensure that we are always on track to meet our deadlines.

Walter. Another Lead Administrator, focuses mainly on development, editing any scripts we use and ensuring that the server runs optimally, minimising lag. Walter also focuses on development of unique scripts which are implemented into the already existing scripts we use.

All three of the people mentioned above are responsible for the final decisions that the community makes and ensure that their players are as happy as they can be with the results of any developments.


Unique Features!

As stated before, we use open-source scripts as the foundation of what the server is. Counted that the server is.. Not even a week old, we don't really have anything to share. However, we are currently working on bringing in custom scripts & maps to the server. This post will be updated over time with features which we add.


How to join?

Our MTA server is currently locked and in its early development stages, whilst the UCP & Forums are being setup as you read this. So, for now, the best you can do if you're interested in giving Sunrise a shot is join our discord server at;



Staff Roster:

(To be made)


Official Server Rules:

  1.  - Common Courtesy

- Common Courtesy refers to the way that people expect to be treated and how they should treat people in turn. Everyone who plays on this server is a part of the community, and we expect every member of this community to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their history or position within the community.


  1. - Commonsense

- Commonsense refers to the ability to think maturely, sensibly, reasonably and respectfully. For example, refraining from spamming or saying inappropriate / immature stuff. Keep in mind that our community is for all ages.


  1. - Racist / Discriminatory / Controversial Roleplay

- We will -not- ban racist Roleplay as it removes potential RP opportunities from the server. Racist RP such as discrimination is allowed. However, illegal RP which may lead to major situations (such as racial profiling by the police or a nazi supporting faction) -MUST- be approved by a ‘Faction Manager’(If appicable) and/or member of the UAT(Upper Administration Team). If a player is found walking around shouting derogatory terms with no actual reason, they will be punished accordingly. We want to emphasize that this sort of RP is -STRICTLY- IC. If anyone is found being racist to anyone, they will receive an immediate permanent ban.


   3B) - Mental Illness Roleplay.

 - Rping mental illnesses will be allowed on the server. However, you must have a good reason for your character to have developed such illness and there’ll be certain criteria that every person has to meet in order to get ‘white-listed’ to RP their character as mentally ill. This will -never- mean that you can go around shooting people or stabbing them for no reason.


  1. - Disturbing Roleplay.

- Any Roleplay situation which may be seen as disturbing has to be consented to by anyone involved in the situation. Examples of disturbing Roleplay include: Rape, Canibalism, Mutilation & Other forms of extreme gore. If accepted, parties can decide how much depth & detail should be included in the RP.


  1. - Erotic Roleplay.

- Erotic Roleplay will -not- be banned from the server. However, as it falls partially under disturbing Roleplay, players will have to consent OOCly & both parties have to agree as to how much depth & detail is acceptable in the Roleplay. 


  1. - Immersion / Breaking Immersion.

- Immersion is simply how ‘engaging’ and ‘realistic’ your experience is. Breaking Immersion is the act of.. Going OOC during an RP in example.  It breaks the immersion as it disengages everyone from their RP and causes them to go OOC. This is something which will not be allowed on this server. If you have an issue with a situation you may /report it and wait for a staff member. You may -never- go OOC or break character unless an admin tells you that you are allowed to.





  1. - RP Green Zones.

- The RP Greenzone of the server is Los Santos. You must never RP in areas which are outside of Los Santos as they are not seen as RP areas. This simply prevents people from spreading apart too far to the point where bumping into other players is a rare occasion. Los Santos is a big area, use it!


  1. -  Stealing Vehicles 

- Stealing vehicles is completely acceptable. However, you must /report for an admin or a supporter to supervise the Roleplay to ensure that they can notify the police (if they should), and ensure that your Roleplay is sufficient. Any vehicle can be stolen, including government & faction vehicles, but you must have valid motives to do such actions.


  1. - MetaGaming.

- MetaGaming is when you mix IC with OOC or OOC with IC. Looking at someone's name tag and saying their name ICly in example is metagaming, your character can not physically see the players name above their head, so unless they already know it, they wouldn’t say it. Another example of MG is PMing someone to meet you somewhere. Again, your characters wouldn’t know where to meet RPly, so meeting up would be MG.


  1.  - Power Gaming.

- Power Gaming has two definitions.  A) RPing Actions which your character can’t physically do, such as flying. Or B) Not letting a player RP, in example, spamming /me’s punching someone without giving them a chance to respond. Obviously, we don’t want a superman on the server & we don’t want someone who’s Jackie Chan's Great Cousin. So, don’t PG.


  1. - Bug Abusing & Exploiting.

- Obviously, abusing bugs & glitches on the server is not allowed. If you see a bug, you must report it to an admin through the report system or through forums / discord if an admin isn’t available in game.


  1.  - Stalling Roleplay

- Stalling Roleplay by deliberately typing longer or failing to reply to someone's roleplay is against the rules. If you are stalling you may also be seen as breaking rule ‘6’ as dragging an RP & RP Actions out longer then they should realistically take can be seen as disengaging to the RP.


  1.  - Death Matching.

- Deathmatching is the action of killing people without sufficient Roleplay or a sufficient reason. It is strictly forbidden. Mass DM will result in a permanent ban, which can only be appealed through the UAT(Upper Administration Team.)


  1.  - Revenge Killing

- Revenge Killing is the action of returning to the location you died to avenge your own PK.  Doing this will result in a CK (To show the player why he can’t physically return to the scene) along with a warning or a jail, depending on how damaging the situation was to an RP.


  1.  - Corruption

- Any form of corruption will be allowed in any factions, counting that a Internal Affairs or similar acting division exists along with the San Andreas Supreme Court being active. If for any reason, Internal Affairs or the Supreme Court is not active, corruption will -not- be allowed.



  1.  - First Resort

- First Resort can be broken down into two things. A) Evading Police with no valid reason. If a cop is trying to pull you over and you speed off with no valid reason you are violating this rule. B) Shooting a player or the police without speaking or allowing any form of communication beforehand. For example, shooting a police officer that had just pulled you over for speeding, is seen as first resort.


  1. - Cop Baiting.

- Cop baiting is the action of baiting the LSPD into chasing you for no reason. It is not immersive and it may get you a jail. Exclusions will apply to specific factions which focus on street racing and such.


CK Rules.


  1.  -  Disregard to Life.

- Any form of disregard to life is seen as a CK situation. This includes RPing your own death or suicide, driving recklessly, flying a plane & crashing. If an administrator deems that you have displayed disregard to life you will be CK’d and you may appeal to get UnCK’d via the forums, if you believe that the CK was unjust.


  1.  - RP Fear

- Players are expected to RP fear accordingly. If you have a barrel aimed at your head or a blade against your throat you RP as though you are scared for your life. Failing to RP accordingly is seen as disregard to life.


  1.  - Corruption.

- Any acts of corruption which end up with the corrupt body being killed will be seen as a CK as being corrupt will be seen as nonchalance(disregard) to life as they should be aware of the risks and consequences of their actions.


  1.  -  Provoking factions / clause

- If your character provokes a faction or a group of people, who decide to murder your character, it will be a CK counted that the RP is executed correctly & that the admin deems that it is acceptable. If you join an illegal faction which has a CK clause, that CK clause will be valid whatever it is (Counted it had been approved by the Faction Manager).


  1.  - Evading Police.

- Evading Police and crashing or so will result in a CK, if the Police are driving recklessly they will also have a CK applicable to them if they crash.


  1.  - Police / Faction shootouts.

- Organised faction shootouts or shootouts between the police and a different person will make Ck’s eligible to everyone counted that a staff member is watching.








These rules were made by a combination of personal knowledge and experience from other servers. Two communities which had played a massive role in influencing these rules are;


Owl Gaming Roleplay (www.owlgaming.net)


Multi Theft Auto Roleplay (www.mtarp.co)


Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you soon - and again, sorry for the lack of detail at the moment, as stated, we are fresh out the oven right now.






Thanks to;

Emerald Gaming Development Team & any contributors to the open source version of the available resources.






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  • 3 months later...

Community has been re-branded as Pine Gaming. New post will be made under the new name. 
Sorry for the lack of updates & Inconvenience this may cause to anyone who uses this post as an 'information hub'.

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Just now, DiGiTal said:

no screens?

Hey Buddy.

We do take screenshots and show them, however things have been a bit slow lately, the last screenshot we posted was on the discord server which is linked above. When I make the new thread, I'll go ahead and post some screenshots there too. 
Sorry about that.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I connected to your Discord, only to see that you already changed the server name, not a very comforting thing to see that you have already changed name in such a long time.

On 20/03/2020 at 15:11, AdamZZ said:

Although we'd like to start afresh with new scripts and such, we don't have the resources or the time to and do not really see the benefit of recreating an entire game mode from scratch when there are already amazing opensource resources out there for us to use as the core of our server.

This is a very bad way to advertise your server. You state that a server should be started with own unique scripts, but then admit that you guys do not have the effort to do anything like that, and rather stick to other saturated scripts. (Whether you use vG or emerald or whatever you guys use, it does not matter, its saturated, buggy and boring). Please do not start a new server every week just because you want power and to be the boss of some RP. (No, you cannot defend this comment of mine, because you already have changed the name of the server in no time, you guys are in no way serious) 

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