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Remove Night glow

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12 minutes ago, delta1337 said:

Hello, im currently trying to make the map look more dead, but the only thing that really annoy's me is that glow at night, is there any possible way to remove it?


Are you refering to the over-exposed areas on the road/foreground? I have a guide on vertex colors which the renderware engine use for lighting of environment models.

A less tedious way might be using a sort of shader that reduces the overall vertex color/illumination values by adding a black shade through the vertex color/illumination channels of x objects. Much like you do with a sunshade or sunglasses. I'm aware this is possible with shaders but this unfortunately is not my field.


If you'd like your thread moved to Modelling section (assuming you go with editing the vertex colors and require additional help/tips), please report your own post at the upper right corner of the thread and specify it be moved here:

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