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So does this thing actually work?

Guest reospeedwagon

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you download the mta 0.3b installer place it in some folder (not the gta3 folder!) install it TO THE GTA3 FOLDER, then you use the launcher and press on the mta button, it starts gta and the mta client, close gta and client, download ase (the all seeing eye get it from here after setting up ase start gta start a new game you will see the mta credits role alt tab to ase connect to a server it will launch the mta client with the correct ip after the mta client connects press on the "send game request button" should work then, if you have any errors during the process you are welcome to post them here and we will try and help you if we can.

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this works if u use the ASE server browser. if u dont expect to get alot of runtime errors. also, even when u do get it working, people are not active. iv been in every server loads and noone else has been moving or active, but there has been some irregular stuff like spinning flying cars 0_0.

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We already flamed one guy to hell, dont make us flame you

ARR I JUST POSTED A REPLY SAYIN I DIDNT GET UR REPLY... Now on a totally diffrent thread im confused again. Stop hurting my head !!!. Also u go try GGM, its a bunch of shit tbh. MTA OWNS j00 ALL !!

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Also (between me and you) im trying to work my way into the dedicated fans of MTA so i get the secret release of MTA... Cos we all know that u have another ver :D, u look at ur pics on the site and compare em to our release of MTA.. For eg Where The hell Are The Peds ! ?. I know ur tricks

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yes, it's real.

No, it's not a BSOD thing.

Or a virus.

It's laggy, and there are lots of bugs.

The next version'll fix the lag, and most of the bugs.

(And don't damnwell say that "this version was supposed to kick ass! Why should I believe you!?"... They released 0.3b early [and with lots of lag and bugs] because people were bugging them to.)

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Hmm everytime i post a question about something 'conspirecy'ish' you guys jus blank it, im telling u all ITS A CONSPIRECY !!!. Also please dont let n00bs moan you to bring out the next ver early, jus try N get it out within this year... iv done this before with another free working mod company N they took bloody years to release 1 update... If u got it out before July that wud own :D !. (My B'Day is on 10th June) Hows about a Pressie :D. (Just for me none of these others :D... )

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