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The Multi Theft Auto Forum Rules

Hello and welcome to the Multi Theft Auto forums. Please follow these rules to ensure your stay here.


TL;DR version

  • Use common sense and do not do anything which would cause us trouble to ensure that we will not cause you trouble either.


User Accounts

  • The MTA Team and MTA Forum moderators will never ask you for passwords to your forum account, game server or other services.
  • If you lost your old account credentials we can help you with recovering them. Contact us on IRC in such a case (see below for our contact info).
  • It is possible for us to merge two or more forum accounts into a single account on request.
  • This forum may use a manual account activation by a forum administrator as a counter-measure against spam bots and ban evaders. Due to this, your account may not be activated instantly.
    • Please do not create an additional account as it will not be activated faster, unless you need an additional account or more than 24 hours have passed since your registration and you did not receive an activation e-mail.
  • An user can own more than one forum account, as long as these accounts are not used for breaking the forum rules or other malicious actions (eg. evading a ban or tampering with forum statistics or poll results).
    • Using multiple forum accounts for posting fake feedback or opinions on servers/server hosters/resources/etc. is strictly forbidden.
  • Similarly, we allow sharing accounts, with the exception of the following cases:
    • Shared account has moderator permissions - sharing such an account is strictly disallowed.
    • One of the users involved in sharing an account is banned.
    • Account is shared with an intention of personal gain by one of the involved users (eg. by tampering with forum statistics).
    • Account is shared with an intention of derailing an existing forum topic by posting off topic comments.


General Advice

  • Please use the search button to see if your question has been asked before.
  • If you can not locate your post, also search for it. It could have been moved.
  • Please consult the online documentation first if you have problems.
  • These forums are maintained by a team of volunteer administrators and moderators. Please respect their work, as they do it in their free time.
  • You can appeal a ban or a decision made by a moderator - see tips below on how to do it correctly.
    • Insulting a moderator or getting in an argument with them are definitely not the right ways to do it. You can expect further actions from us if you do that.


Posting Advice

  • If you want to create a topic, please use the proper subforum for it. You can find the list of subforums on the main page of the forum.
  • Make sure to use descriptive titles for your topics. Topic titles which consist just of words such as 'HELP', 'Help me' or 'Please read' are not descriptive at all.
  • Please avoid making double posts.
  • Do not post the same topic or content multiple times or re-post it to different subforums.
    • It is okay re-post the translation of the content which was originally in English to Other Languages subforum as long as this does not violate other rules.
    • Likewise, it is okay to re-post a foreign language topic to main forums, but it needs to be translated to English and posted in the correct section.
  • If there already exists a topic similar to the one you wish to create, reply in that topic, rather than make a new one.
  • You may bump¹ an old topic if it was created by you, or if the topic is about a problem you are also having. Please do that sparingly though, and only after some time has passed since you have posted.
    • If you intend to bump a support topic, you should try to provide some additional details about the problem in the new post, if available.
  • Please use the [ quote] tag sparingly. Usually there is no need to quote the full message of the original poster, or the message of the poster directly above your post, so please do not do that.
  • If you need to include a source code snippet in your post, always put it inside the [ code] tag. This makes your code easier to read and provides syntax colouring where applicable, also makes it possible to automatically provide wiki links to MTA scripting functions where needed.
    • By posting to this board, you agree to let any posted code stay visible until decided otherwise by the administrators.
  • Do not reply to spam posts or other posts severely breaking the rules, please report them instead!
    • The reason for this is, that if you reply to a spam bot, your post will remain even after we delete all posts made by such bot. Not only this leaves us with additional work, but it may also lead to mistakenly flagging your account for removal for posting unwanted content.
    • At the same time, please keep in mind that we will ignore post reports which are related to an argument between some forum users and ask us to support either side.


General Forum Rules

  • In the main forums, all posts should be in the English language and placed in the appropriate section. For non-English languages, we have a special Other languages subforum.
  • Requests for release dates, beta tester positions and demands for information regarding future MTA features may be refused.
  • Racism, bigotry, obscenity and illegal activity is unacceptable in any form, whether it be posts, images or signatures. This includes pornographic and racist images, warez and violent and insulting language of any kind. Breaking this rule may result in an immediate ban.
  • Do not insult or impersonate other forum members.
  • Do not post religious content on these boards (and other services we offer). This is a forum for a multiplayer mod, and not the one to discuss religions. We have no problem with whatever you believe (or not), just do not drag us into it.
  • Flaming and 'flame wars' will not be tolerated.
  • Ban evasion will not be tolerated either and will be dealt with severely.
  • Backseat moderation² is not allowed. If you see that something needs to be done about a certain topic, post or user, please report it and leave the decision to moderators.
  • Do not post anything that is against our EULA.
  • Do not post any software that could be used for cheating in MTA gameplay.
  • You shall not advertise non-MTA related products, services and websites on our forums and other pages.
  • If you want to advertise your server or MTA server hosting service - use the Servers to play on subforum.


Profile Rules

  • Total size of images in your signature must be within either 500x150 OR 720 x 80 pixels. Anything larger may be removed when noticed.
  • Signatures should use reasonably sized fonts and only a limited number of hyperlinks.


Moderator decision appeals and contact info

  • You can contact a moderator through the forum's built-in Private Message system, or look for them on our IRC channel (#mta on GTANET IRC Network).
    • Please do not contact several moderators or administrators about the same subject. You can contact other moderator though if you do not get a reply to your first message in a timely manner (say, within 48 hours or so).
  • Our moderators are chosen from talented and active members of our community. We are confident in decisions they make.
  • However, if you are not satisfied with a certain moderator's decision, you can contact them directly about your concerns. Make sure to be polite and explain your point well.
    • If you are still not satisfied with the decision, you can ask a moderator with a higher rank to mediate for you. Just like above, be polite and try to explain your point even better.


Ban appeals

  • If you are banned, please do not create a new forum account. If you do so, you will be banned again for ban evading, and the duration of your original ban will be extended.
  • Instead, you can appeal your ban at our IRC channel - #mta at (look for nicknames with tags such as: @ - operators and % - halfops), or by contacting us by other means.
    • If you were also banned on IRC, please do not try to evade your ban there. Ask someone to contact us for you.
  • Based on your infractions, we will issue a cooling off period for your ban. Once it expires, ask us again to remove your ban.
  • You can also appeal a permanent or a global ban. Keep in mind though, that in such case, you should show us some remorse first.
    • Please note that we might deny your unban request for any reason (eg. due to abusive behavior towards an admin).
  • If you are looking for an appeal for a ban from a certain MTA server, please contact the server owner of that server. We can not unban you as we have no power over that server. Easiest way to contact the server owner would be to go to that server's website or look for contact details for that server in Servers to play on subforum.


Section Specific Rules

International (non-English) sections

  • Basic guidelines. Additional rules may apply, depending on the section.
  • You can only post in these sections if you speak the language which is used in the specific section. Do not post there otherwise.
  • Additionally, English discussions are generally not allowed in those sections. Posting in English in these sections may result in a forum warning.
    • Exceptions apply - if a Moderator starts a topic in such section in English, then other users (only those who speak the language of that section) can post in English in such topic too.
    • Posting in English is also allowed (and preferred) in the General Multi Language discussion subforum.
  • Moderation in some sections might be limited if we do not have moderators fluent in such language.

Competitive gameplay / Gang forums

  • You may only post in another gang's thread to: ask for a match, arrange time for a match, cancel a match, apply to join, or to offer assistance such as refereeing or providing a server/webspace.
  • You may NOT post in another gang's thread for any other reason. Arguments and disagreements should be taken up elsewhere, such as the gang's own forums, for instance.

Servers to play on

  • Only one thread per server is allowed. This makes it easier to find information about a certain server, as it will all be available in a single topic - just make sure to keep it updated.
  • Stolen resource accusations and other causes for fighting are not allowed. Click here for a detailed explanation.
    • In addition to above, we may take extra measures against users who are server owners and are trying to pick a fight in topics of competing server owners. Make sure to report such posts instead of replying to them.

Hosting solutions

  • This subforum can be used by companies who sell MTA-related hosting services. This also includes webhosting and virtual/dedicated server hosting, as long as they can be utilised by MTA servers or for hosting them.
  • It can also be used by users to discuss their experiences with a certain host, or who are looking for a server host.
  • We have additional rules in place for entities who would like to offer hosting services to our users. You can find them here.


  • This section is reserved for off-topic fun chat. Blind spamming, however, is not allowed.
  • Posts made in this section do not count for post count or rank improvement.

Multi Theft Auto 0.5r2 and Older MTA:VC/GTA3 versions

  • These sections are all about our older creations - MTA for GTA3 (also known as GTA3MTA) and for Vice City (MTA:VC).
  • Please keep in mind that we no longer maintain these mods, so you may not receive support for them.

Third party GTA mods



  • If you no longer intend to visit our forums, we can remove your forum account on request. You can ask any Lead Global Moderator (or a forum admin, if you do not get a reply in a timely manner) for an account removal.
  • We reserve the right to not remove your posts when your account is removed, as they might be still useful for other forum users.
  • We are constantly looking for new moderators, especially for unmoderated subforums in the Other Languages section. Remember though, you have to be an active forum member with a significant amount of contributions to the forum to be even considered by us.
    • What we consider as contributions to the forum: posting useful or original content, providing help to other forum members, reporting troublesome posts and topics and helping us with organizing the forums.
    • What we do not consider as a contribution: having a huge post count gained by posting (at best) normal content or by posting in (at best) regular discussions. Not to even mention gaining it by spammy ways.
    • To apply, please contact a Moderator by IRC or forum PM.
      • Keep in mind that your application will be shared with other Moderators. This is to ensure that the application is discussed and evaluated properly.


If you fail to comply with these rules, your post or topic may be immediately deleted from this board without a warning and/or you may face additional consequences depending on the severity of your actions.

-- MTA Team


Appendix A - Glossary

¹ Bumping a topic happens when an user posts in a topic solely with an intention of putting it at the top of the list of topics in a subforum.

² Backseat moderation is an occurrence when a person who is not a moderator tries to act like one, eg. by posting messages such as 'This topic is dumb and should be locked' or 'This user should be banned' and so on. It is a generally unwelcome behavior on Internet forums.


Appendix B - List of possible moderation actions for rule violations

  • A Private Message with a complaint from the moderator (usually this is the only thing that happens, providing that user is co-operative with us)
  • Forum Warning (expires over time, can be seen in an user's forum profile; having 3 or more warnings at the same time disables user's ability to post)
  • Posting Restrictions (any new posts or topics made by an user may require an approval by a forum moderator)
  • Temporary Forum Ban (user can not access the forums during a specified period; each further ban has a longer duration)
  • Permanent Forum Ban (same as above, except that it does not expire over time; has to be appealed in order to be removed)
  • Global Ban on all of our services (given to extreme cases of rule abusing, using exploits, hack or cheat tools, or posting potentially dangerous resources; generally disallows user from accessing any MTA-related service, including playing the mod itself)
  • Abuse Letter to user's ISP abuse department (last resort if user is still causing us problems)


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Changes (12 May 2018):

  • Added a link to new rules for the Hosting solutions section


Changes (10 October 2016):

  • Grammar fixes. Also made minor adjustments to the layout of the Forum Rules so that they show correctly in new forum software


Changes (12 May 2015):

  • Added a note regarding sharing moderator applications with other Moderators


Changes (23 April 2015):

  • Made it clear that re-posting same topic or content multiple times to different sections is disallowed (with an exception)


Changes (31 March 2015):

Forum rules have been greatly rewritten to become more clear and straight forward to our users.

Summary of changes:

Various changes

  • Added a TL;DR note at the top of the forum rules as a summary for lazy users
  • Added a list of potential moderator actions for rule violations, also introduced a posting restriction moderator action
  • Added information about moderator applications
  • Major stylistic changes - grammar fixes, rewordings and moving some rules to new (or other) paragraphs

New and improved sections and rules

  • Added a new rules section (User Accounts) along with a note, stating that we will never ask for users' passwords
  • Added an information about our way of handling of new forum accounts (including a potential manual account activation)
  • Added notes about recovering old forum accounts and merging posted content from multiple accounts
  • Made it more clear that users should not create new accounts to evade a ban
  • Listed scenarios in which account sharing is disallowed, otherwise it should be considered as allowed
  • Added a note about account removals
  • Added a new section with posting tips for forum users (Posting Advice)
  • Added a note encouraging users to post their topics in correct sections
  • Added a note suggesting use of code and lua tags when posting code snippets
  • Added an information about publicly posted code snippets
  • Listed scenarios in which users can bump topics (also added an explanation of the phrase 'bump a topic')
  • Added an explanation for why users shouldn't reply to topics/posts made by spam bots
  • Added a section about the forum staff members who maintain the forums
  • Described ways of contacting moderators
  • Added a note about moderator decision and ban appeals and also the ways how to do them (and how not to do them)
  • Added a note about insulting and impersonation - both are not allowed on these forums
  • Made clear that posting obscene and religious content on the forums is not allowed
  • Made adjustments for rules for the Other Languages Section:
    • Disallowed posting of users who do not speak a certain language in specific international sections
    • Disallowed posting in English in the International section (with exceptions).
  • Added notes about MTA0.5 and Hosting Solutions forum sections and made tweaks to rules for other forum sections


Changes (1 September 2013):

  • made it clear that using multiple forum accounts for posting fake feedback and opinions is disallowed


Changes (7 May 2012):

  • backseat moderation is disallowed


Changes (15 March 2012):

  • added more tips to general advices (topic titles, double posting, using
    tags, dealing with spam posts)
  • made it clear that ban evasion and posting cheating software are forbidden
  • multiple forum accounts are allowed
  • made rules for signatures less restrictive
  • added section-specific rules for Other languages and Servers to play on sections
  • added notes about ban appeals (forum/irc)
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