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Eu estou criando um script com dgs um painel de gang , so que a marker nao abre meu painel sera que eu fiz algo errado ? pra min ta tudo certo .


obs : nao sei mecher mto com dgs 


local screenx, screeny = guiGetScreenSize()
local sx, sy = (screenx/1920), (screeny/1080)


  ------groveWindow STREET-------------
  local markergrove = createMarker ( 2498.9873046875, -1685.6142578125, 13.446597099304 -1,"cylinder", 1.5, 0 ,255 ,0 ,170)

    groveWindow= dgsCreateWindow (sx*20, sy*300, sx*300, sy*400, "GROVE STREET", true, tocolor(0 ,0 ,0), sy*30, false, tocolor(0 ,238, 0	,255), nil, tocolor(28 ,28, 28,120), 5,true)
    label= dgsCreateLabel(2, 10,100, 90,"BEM VINDO A groveWindow STREET",false,groveWindow)
    label1= dgsCreateLabel(2, 50,10, 10,"é uma das principais gang de LS",false,groveWindow)
    label2= dgsCreateLabel(2, 70,20, 20,"A GS é uma gangue de rua",false,groveWindow)
    label3= dgsCreateLabel(2, 90,20, 20,"afro-americana e uma das mais",false,groveWindow)
    label4= dgsCreateLabel(2, 110,20, 20,"antigas gangues de rua em LS",false,groveWindow)
    label5= dgsCreateLabel(2, 160,20, 20,"RIVAIS : BALLAS, VAGOS",false,groveWindow)
    buttonEntrar = dgsCreateButton(2, 210,100,40,"ENTRAR!", false, groveWindow )
    buttonSair= dgsCreateButton(100, 210,100,40,"SAIR!", false, groveWindow )

    dgsSetFont ( label, "sans" )
    dgsSetFont ( label1, "sans" )
   	dgsSetFont ( label2, "sans" )
   	dgsSetFont ( label3, "sans" )
   	dgsSetFont ( label4, "sans" )
   	dgsSetFont ( label5, "default-bold" )

 addEventHandler ("onClientMarkerHit",root,
function ()
    if (source == markergrove)  then


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