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Hello community, I hope everyone has a good day, I'm glad you can read my project, I come to present the CIF server: Community of Integrity and Force this server is a hard work done in memory of the CIT 16 - September 2013.

CIF is a multiplayer game mode based on a real life within GTA san Andreas.

The server has Police vs Robbers, Civilians, Mafia War and some RP.

Our website is: https://cifmta.net/index.php (to enter click on the connect button on the home page)

On our website you can see our unique systems that allow you to see server statistics from the web:

Livemap: https://cifmta.net/index.php?page=livemap
Players Online: https://cifmta.net/index.php?page=online
Top 50: https://cifmta.net/index.php?page=top
Top 50 Police: https://cifmta.net/index.php?page=topcops
Top 50 Criminal: https://cifmta.net/index.php?page=topcrims
Country map: https://cifmta.net/index.php?action=countriesmap
Country stats: https://cifmta.net/index.php?page=countries
Players of the day: https://cifmta.net/index.php?page=playersday
Zombie stats: https://cifmta.net/index.php?page=zombies

* Police system.


- Search level.
- Taser.
- APB (Hitman to criminals).
- Police panel + ranks.
- Mini Missions for the Armed Forces teams, SWAT Team, FBI.
- Arrest system.
- Prison

* Criminal system (CnR).

- Mafia Wars (Take turfing).
- Drug Trafficking (getting into a boat and sending drugs)
- Weed Farm (Harvest drugs in angel pine).
- Illegal truck driver.
- Paint graffiti.
- Hijacker.
- Store Rob.
- Players pickpocketing.
- House Rob.
- Street races.
- Briefcase.
- ATM Rob.
- F5 criminal experience system.
- Some of the criminal events are:
1) Los Santos Bank Robbery (LSB).
2) Los Santos Drug Factory Robbery (DFR).
3) Police Department Raid (PDR).
4) Los Santos Train Robbery (LST).
5) Los Santos Drug Shipment (LSD).
6) Madd Dog Mansion (MDM).

Note: each robbery has a top system at the end of each criminal event.

* Roleplay

- Information panel in F1.
- Trading system in F7.
- Drug panel in F4.
- Business panel in F3.
- Panel to see the ability of weapons in F5 (they train in ammunation).
- Panel to see the list of your vehicles in F2.
- Group panel with options of ranks, members, and group bank in F6.
- Iphone with (calculator, camera, facebook, lottery, snake game, events, Mark players, send messages, minesweeper, Mark houses, radio, translator, clock, weather, send money, view notes and call services.
- Interaction panel x, where you can use the most common options such as animations, smoking, drinking.
- Vehicle inventory system to store your things.
- System of houses, with system of inventory of objects and system to look for houses on the map.
- Automatic train system at train stations.
- Skins store.
- Restaurants and food stores.
- Zombie system in the cemetery.
- System to sell hot dogs and ice cream.
- AMT system (ATMs in the city).
- Animation system.
- System to see player statistics /stats.
- GPS system in /gps.
- duel /duel system.
- Gym and training system.
- Fuel system.
- Car, aircraft and bike stores in the city.
- Casino game (Fruit game) inside LV casinos.
- Paynsprays
- Dynamic weather system.
- Hats system.
- Sea Side City (city outside of SF).
- Airplane passenger system pressing space.
- Medication system.
- Custom clothing system for the CJ.
- Group system and alliance for groups.
- Custom Hud.
- Medical panel and paramedical missions.
- Love ship, this runs through the city at sea.
- Ammunation.
- Custom Hud.
- Mysterious Bag.
- Respawn system in houses and bases.
- custom titles system (to show titles above your player).
- Player Killing Dimension (Join PK dimension)
- server's internal facebook system.
- Fast food in the city streets.
- Panel of vehicles and gunmods to modify your weapons.
- Zone system, to create group bases with automatic doors all on your own.

* Civil
* Experience system in works with levels and description in F5.
- Archeologist.
- Bus driver.
- Delivery.
- Electrician.
- Explorer.
- Farmer's.
- Fisherman's.
- Lumberjack.
- Mechanic.
- New Reporter.
- Iron Miner.
- Paramedic work.
- Hooker.
- Taxi work.
- Waste Collector.
- Street cleaner.
- Delivery work at sea.
- Pizza delivery.
- Trucker.
- Pilot.
- Firefighter.

Here is a video of the sv: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTzcU-FXB1w

MTA IP: mtasa: // 22003
Follow us on our page: cifmta.net
Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198805680516911/
Follow us on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRP_fVZbF9wP3GGjS_B_XYw?view_as=subscriber

Thanks for reading.
Att: [CIF]Zelda ex suggestion developer of CIT.

Edited by ZELDA
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In homage to the old server, in fact I said it in the description. And it's not bad, you can't imagine the amount of work that is behind all this.

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