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 Players go through a period of boredom because of the lack of servers with a new system.
 My idea is based on this principle.
 It is for the administration to do huge competitions, where this competition is between teams, and each team must create a server with a new system.
 Where the team is given a specific range, after which each server is checked and the winner is determined.
 After determining the winner, a topic is posted on the forum about the winner, and an advertisement is made that appears to the player when he enters the game that contains the server’s opening date. This idea encourages programmers to work and create, because most programmers do not create their own server because there is no support for the server on the players ’side.
 And all thanks to you.

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This will never happen. The MTA team is essentially giving us MTA, they aren't hosting a TV show. It's up to the players to create servers. Not every server is a copy.

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