We need a server only for car guys

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i enjoy mta role play servers for only the cars and testing thats it

and thats why we need servers like the redling rp server on gta5 on mta

i would love also it bieng alloiwed to steal banks cars and more when the police are on

these are the list of must have cars to add if your in the making of the server

mustang rx7 nissan silvia. r4 mclarens (570 s 720 s) chiron divo every single lambo(hurucan perfo) and every single nissan and every muscle  cars

so prety much copy paste the car list from the redline rp website

:3 please consider making a server

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Try to look for a server that covers your needs, begging people to make a server you want isn't going to cut it. 

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Lol i know but any suggestion will do i dont need any fully new server to play

So if an existing server has my requirements i would love if you would recommend it to me


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23 hours ago, TheGam3r23 said:

What kind of server are you looking for? Your initial post is messy.

An English server focused on cars

Please dont say gta need for speed


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MrGreen gaming is a racing server that is pretty popular. I'd also suggest a freeroam server like Default P if you want to mess around in cars.

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