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Hello ..
I have a suggestion, which is to merge the SAMP game with MTA SA.
The two games will gain many benefits:
1- Increasing the number of players.
2- Take advantage of the advantages of each game.
3- Programmers can program the game in both languages.

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A beautiful proposal, God willing, they accept it

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I can say with 100% confidence that would never happen.


1. We would never implement pawn

2. Kalcor has very strong opinions about this project and isn't willing to budge. Try mentioning MTA on the SAMP forums. He'll just ban you

3. Why should we? Provide me the positive effects that would give us.

We don't fake our player numbers, we are pretty open to changes, we actually have anticheat. What does SAMP have? Some custom models and a few extra features? They don't have even close to the feature set we do.

I don't see any reason why either party would agree to this.

There's no point in letting this thread exist, so I'm going to lock it.

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