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How to delet world Objects (trees/weapons/etc..)

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Hello Comunity ,
when i was mapping i found problem , i can't remove world objects like treees and weapons etc... i tried many tmes but it won'( , can someone help me or give me solution please :) thanks!

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Click E and you'll get a more precise selection of objects. If this doesn't help, try removing the mapped object straigth out of the map file found in \resources\map-name. 

If you still have no luck, you may have to create your own code to remove the object. To do so:

Find the object on Prineside that you want to remove, in my case, queens_04_SFS. You can use the Model search by map position feature to pinpoint the desired object's location.

Then, on the object page click "Fullscreen / position export" and it'll give you the X position, Y position and Z position. You'll simply fill those into a removeWorldObject line (as below).

It's possible you'll have to adjust the radius. I believe it defines the deletion radius, so if you have 10 other trees within 50 meters that you want to keep, you'll want to add a very small value if you only intend on deleting one of the trees. Or a value of 50 if you intend on deleting every tree.
(that one was a mere speculation, no confirmation whether that's how it works or not)


    <removeWorldObject id="removeWorldObject (queens_04_SFS) (1)" radius="34.332691" interior="0" model="10629" lodModel="10673" posX="-2574.3516" posY="319.96094" posZ="12.07813" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"></removeWorldObject>


Oh and if that doesn't work either, it's quite possible that it's an object that's spawned through the "grass effect" setting on MTA video setting. They spawn on natural surfaces like grass, dirt, sand etcetera, all depending on the surface material.

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20 hours ago, Tut said:

Click E and you'll get a more precise selection of objects.

this worked for me , thank you !

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